Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tips for writing Nurse Resume

An effective resume will open up many job opportunities for you. There is a great demand for nursing jobs. Hence to grab the best job positions, you have to keep your resume ready. Here are some simple tips which will help you to draft an effective nurse resume.

Tips for writing nursing resume are described below:

While writing any resume, you have to begin with the basics of writing a resume. You can refer to websites which provide you nurse resume samples. They also provide you resume which are related to different positions in the nursing field such as cardiac nurse resume and caregiver nurse resume.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Teacher Resume Guide

A Teacher resume should be well drafted in order to get noticed and fetch you an interview call. Hence a resume becomes successful only if this purpose is fulfilled.

Tips for writing an effective teacher resume is described below:

The first section of the teacher resume should include information about your personal details. These personal details include information about name, address and contact details such as email address and phone number. It is necessary to include this information, as it would help the employer to get back to you after the interview.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Objectives for Accounting Resume

Are you into accounting field? Are you planning for a change of job? Are you writing a new resume? Then you would definitely want to impress the recruiter with an attractive resume. You would want to put forward all your positive points so that the recruiter shortlists you for the interview. You might find many sample accounting resumes online but most of them would focus on the job responsibilities, profile, qualifications, etc. One major aspect, the one on top of your resume and the one that catches your eye first is your career objective. If that is attractive, that’s half work done there itself. Now, if you are confused about your objective for your accounting resume, you can select from a few given here. These are general as well as specific to particular job profiles. Have a look at them, and they will surely help to make your accounting resume more attractive.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Analyst resume guide

To start off, most of the perspective job seeker has a basic idea of how to go about while jotting down a resume for say, analyst.

However, though they how to write a resume, they miss out on essential points and thus kick themselves out of the fray for the desired job.

Nevertheless, we take this space to educate our esteemed patrons on some important points usually missed out in for an example, financial analyst resume in this edition of analyst resume guide.

Let’s take a bird eye view of the attributes needs to be kept in mind while going about an analyst resume.

How to properly format consultant resume

A consultant resume, just like any other resume requires special care at the time being penned down.

Formatting means sticking to the basics and make any kind of alterations in the existing set of the resumes concerning the same streams.

Let’s see how to format consultant resume that’s already exists and learn the steps in adherence to the time viability.