Monday, November 8, 2010

Objectives for Accounting Resume

Are you into accounting field? Are you planning for a change of job? Are you writing a new resume? Then you would definitely want to impress the recruiter with an attractive resume. You would want to put forward all your positive points so that the recruiter shortlists you for the interview. You might find many sample accounting resumes online but most of them would focus on the job responsibilities, profile, qualifications, etc. One major aspect, the one on top of your resume and the one that catches your eye first is your career objective. If that is attractive, that’s half work done there itself. Now, if you are confused about your objective for your accounting resume, you can select from a few given here. These are general as well as specific to particular job profiles. Have a look at them, and they will surely help to make your accounting resume more attractive.

General Accountancy Resume Objective –
To obtain an accounting position in a company that would utilize the progressive experience and skills in the field of accounting.

Senior Account Manager Resume Objective –
To obtain a position that will utilize my potential as a senior account manager. Will be privileged to put in practice my accounting skills along with the knowledge gained for the benefit of the organization.

Junior Accountant Resume Objective –
To work with a professional group that will utilize my knowledge and skills towards the contribution to the success of the company. I wish to utilize my proficiency in principles of accountancy and computer applications like Tally and Oracle towards effective performance of my duties.

Bookkeeper Resume Objective –
I would like to utilize my educational knowledge, professional skills, proficiency in accountancy principles and computer skills to contribute towards efficient running of the organization.


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