Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Teacher Resume Guide

A Teacher resume should be well drafted in order to get noticed and fetch you an interview call. Hence a resume becomes successful only if this purpose is fulfilled.

Tips for writing an effective teacher resume is described below:

The first section of the teacher resume should include information about your personal details. These personal details include information about name, address and contact details such as email address and phone number. It is necessary to include this information, as it would help the employer to get back to you after the interview.

The objective statements to be included in the resume should be ideally of two to three sentences. It should be precise and related to the job applied for.
The teaching experience section should include information about the positions and the job responsibilities undertaken by you. Information about any volunteer work or student teaching experience also should be included in it.
The resume should contain details such as your education and certifications. The education section of the resume should be arranged in the chronological order beginning with the most advanced degree or recent one you have pursued.
Briefly include information about any awards or honors that you have received in the resume.
Include action words or keywords related to the teaching field such as motivated, developed lesson plans and maintained records.
The last section is the reference section. It is optional to include it in the resume. Make sure that the references included should be credible. Avoid including references of family members.
Include information about the special skills in your resume. Highlight the key skills and any important information in your resume by making it bold or underlining it.
Thus, the above mentioned tips will be a helpful resource for all those individuals who wish to draft their own resume.


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